Monday, August 29, 2011

Light in the Hall

This hallway meditation was inspired by an attempt to re-work an old unfinished painting of interior light. After working from memory, imagination and a few unsatisfying reference photos, it was a welcome relief to do a study from direct observation.

Light in the Hall, oil on canvas panel, 10x8 inches.
©2011 Amy Tennant

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Plastic People

Further encounters with the plastic family.

Head to Head, oil on canvas panel, 7x5 inches.
©2011 Amy Tennant

My Turn, oil on canvas panel, 7x5 inches.
©2011 Amy Tennant

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kid in a Cup

My new favorite colors to work with are the Radiant series from Gamblin, particularly for creating more colorful grays and whites. I've always liked Gamblin oils for their creamy consistency but I wasn't aware of the radiant colors until I watched a video about artist Karin Jurick's palette. She works with up to 50 different colors on a regular basis, and it's hard to resist buying a whole new set of paints after watching all of those colors get lined up around the edge of her pizza-tray palette. As she so reasonably points out, "There's a world of color out there, people—I think you should use it."

Kid in a Cup, oil on canvas panel, 5x7 inches.
©2011 Amy Tennant

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shadow Side

This was my third entry for the Virtual Paintout last month (Jersey). More to come in this series. The location for August is Fairbanks, Alaska. In the meantime, I am continuing another series that I started a few months ago with Kid on a Cup. The kid also has a little sister and a mom and dad. Stay tuned for their debuts.

Shadow Side, oil on canvas panel, 10x8 inches.
©2011 Amy Tennant