Thursday, July 28, 2011

Window Scene

I seem to have a new series developing from these Jersey images, based on neighborhood snippets and window reflections. This is actually the fourth one I've done—I will post another one tomorrow but the first one is still under consideration. I do wish Google would oblige me by going back to Jersey on a sunny day to update some of the overcast snapshots... There are so many great images but I haven't quite mastered the ability to invent my own sunlight, replete with cast shadows and reflected light.

I did learn a helpful trick in Photoshop, for those of you who use that program as your photo editor. One of the things that cameras tend to do is underexpose shadows, especially in direct sunlight, so in order to bring more light and color into the shadows you can go to Image-->Adjustments-->Shadow/Highlight. Depending on the amount of contrast in the source photo, the default setting of 50% can usually be lowered to about 25% for best results.

Window Scene, oil on canvas panel, 10x8 inches.
©2011 Amy Tennant


  1. Nice painting, you do the best shadows!

  2. I like this one too Amy....the window reflections with the verticals dividing the image is interesting....and that roof again...nice!

  3. Thanks Cindy! Shadows are one of my favorite subjects.

  4. Hi Renee - thanks for your comments! Will you be joining the paintout this month? Looking forward to seeing more of your work!