Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Azure vs. Gray

This month the location for the Virtual Paintout is the Cote d'Azur, which is marginally compensating for the fact that it has been cold and dreary here for the past week. Then again, it is also reminding me of the day I visited Cannes during a fierce deluge (see below). I could have chosen that day to stay onboard my ship where it was warm and dry, but in order to say I'd been to Cannes I had to at least set foot on shore and buy a postcard. As I fought my way to the promenade, the rain drove through my clothes and sent a flash flood running down my legs and into my shoes. Not the kind of swimming I had in mind on the Riviera! But I hear it's sunny there sometimes...just like it shows in my postcard.

Promenade Chairs, oil on canvas panel, 6x6 inches.
©2011 Amy Tennant

My Visit to Cannes, 2009


  1. Your chairs with their shadows show the light and shadow well. Nice.

  2. Love painting Amy! kind of like they are chatting with one another.