Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bubbles and Bunnies

Tom Wolfe came up the other night, and through a chain of connections (mentioning The Bonfire of the Vanities --> the meaning of a bonfire of vanities --> the vanities in vanitas paintings --> googling vanitas paintings) led to my discovery of paintings with bubbles and bunnies in them (not together). I found a blog post about bubble painting and learned a new phrase: "Man is a bubble" (in Latin, homo bulla). Otherwise known as, "life is short."

David Bailly - "Self Portrait with Vanitas Symbols"

This led me to another post on the same blog, about a German surrealist who likes to paint animals in various situations, such as a well-to-do bunny getting dressed in front of a large mirror.

Michael Sowa - "Bunny Dressing"

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