Monday, April 25, 2011

Field of Poppy

I just learned that there is such a thing as a pink California Poppy. I have seen pale yellow ones and dark red ones, but I've never seen a pink one. I discovered them while buying my vegetable seeds from Renee's Garden Seeds. I think I'll be planting some in the fall, along with some of the other colors they seem to have come up with, like magenta and buttercream.

Field of Poppy, oil on canvas panel, 6x6 inches.
©2011 Amy Tennant


  1. How come they don't have any that are "orange"?

  2. They do ~ I already bought those. :-)

  3. Here is a quote from someone with a different perspective. Anna Botsford Comstock (1854-1930), in her Handbook of Nature Study, wrote, "...when completely opened, the four petals flare wide, making a flower with a golden rim and an orange center, although among our cultivated varieties they range from orange to an anaemic white. To one who loves them in their glorious native hues, the white varieties seem almost repulsive. Compare one of these small, pale flowers with the great, rich, orange ones that glorify some favored regions in the Mojave Desert, and we feel the enervating and decadent influence of civilization." Whew! (I like the various colors, too, but don't tell Anna!)